There are many websites on the internet providing information on health care issues. These can be of variable quality and may have hidden agendas (such as pharmaceutical companies promoting their own products) so make sure you know who has set up the site.

Here are just a few that you may like to have a look at:
Advice on how to access NHS services and information about different illnesses. It also explains many tests and treatments.
Macmillan Cancer Support is a registered charity. This site provides up-to-date information, practical advice and support to cancer patients and their families and other carers.
Information on government health policies.
Useful for general health matters.
This website tells you about NHS Screening Programmes and provides up-to-date information and advice.
The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) was set up by the government as an independent body to provide national guidance on the promotion of good health. This site is predominantly aimed at clinicians but you may be interested to see the research behind the treatments recommended by your doctor.
This site is likely to be extremely helpful to anyone planning to travel abroad. It advises on immunisations and malaria prophylaxis. Remember to check well in advance of your trip!
Under the Health and Social Care 2012, NHS England has the power to collect information from all providers of NHS care.  This patient data will be used within the NHS at hospitals and by other care providers.  Patients can opt out by informing their surgery.  See the website for more details


There are, of course, millions of other sites. You’ll find that some of those listed above provide links which may also be useful.

Happy surfing!