Community or District Nurses are qualified registered nurses who have undertaken further study in order to bring skilled nursing care into your home. They aim to promote the health and well being of all people in the community. They can be contacted via the surgery or at the Community Nursing Services office on 01442 453 700.


Midwives work with the Doctors to care for mothers before, and until 10 days after delivery. We hold antenatal clinics by appointment on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.


Patients will be referred to the hospital from where home visits can be arranged for suitable cases.


Macmillan Nurses visit and give specialist advice and support to cancer patients and their families at home.


Health Visitors are registered nurses who have undergone further training to work with the developmental needs of young children and other related child and family issues. They take over the care of babies from 10 days after delivery until 5 years of age. They can be contacted at their base on 01442 249395.


We liaise with numerous Social Service Support Groups who can be contacted through the Civic Centre on 01442 228 000.

Summary Care Records

From 1st April 2015 yours medications, allergies and adverse reactions will be available to NHS professionals in hospitals and other main line services.  This will enable you to receive care elsewhere in the knowledge that your current situation is known to the professionals dealing with you.  This will only be available to Doctors and Nurses, any access to your records will be tracked and logged.  You may opt out if you wish but we would urge you not to so your current record is available in an emergency should it be needed.

Statement of Intent (Online Services)

We currently provide patients with the ability to both manage their appointments and repeat prescriptions online.

We are currently planning to offer patients the facility to access an online summary of their medical information from their patient record which will allow patients to see information such as allergies, medications and any adverse reactions you may have to them.